Walsh High School Service & Leadership Team

SLT Leaders

Sponsor: Linette Crawford

Committee Chairperson: Jamie Hume

Vice Chair: Mick Howard

Reporter: Raegen Casey

Volunteer Service Days


Friday, Sept. 9th 8-12 pm @ School Lunch Room - Weeding the Track & Tearing Down Greenhouse

Friday, Oct. 21st 8-12 pm @ WCGS - Cleaning Out the Storeroom and Basement

Friday, Nov. 11th 8-12 pm @ Cook Oil - Dusting Shelves and Misc. Cleaning/Organizing

Friday, Jan. 13th 8-12 pm @ TBD

Friday, Feb. 24th 8-12 pm @ TBD

Friday, April. 28th 8-12 pm @ Walsh Pool - Clean the Office, Bathrooms, and Showers to Ready the Pool for Opening Day.