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Eagles SOAR - We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?

Anne Marie Garness

"Being a Walsh Eagle makes me feel proud. I like being a Walsh Eagle because I get to meet new friends. I also like it because my teachers teach me new subjects I didn't know before."

- Anne Marie Garness

Madilyn Tedder - What does it mean to be a Walsh Eagle?

"Being a Walsh Eagle means we are all kind to each other and always try our best no matter what. It means we are about each other, even if not everyone shows it as much. It means we are good sports even if we lose. That is what it means to be a Walsh Eagle to me."

- Madilyn Tedder

Kyndall Frazee - 3rd Grade

"Being a Walsh Eagle makes me happy because we have the most school spirit and everyone is nice and happy. Being a Walsh Eagle means a lot to me. I love being a Walsh Eagle."

- Kyndall Frazee

Aleah Painter

"Being a Walsh Eagle means that we get to take pictures with the Eagle mascot and get to watch the games and cheer for the Eagles. GO EAGLES!"

- Aleah Painter